Brookfoot Lake

Our main fishery is Brookfoot Lake. A 3 acre, mixed coarse fishery; it is gaining a reputation as a specimen water-rewarding those who are willing and able to put in time and effort to master its vagaries. The lake occasionally attracts some species of birds not usually found on inland waters. A few exotic wildfowl have taken up residence in the area making a welcome diversion to the many indigenous species such as kingfisher, coot, moorhen and the ubiquitous mallard. Close co-operation has been maintained between the club and local Environment Agency fisheries officials in order to maximise the benefit to members.

Tony Riley's Pond

This pond contains a good head of mixed coarse fish. Small carp, bream, tench, roach etc can be had throughout the year there are bigger fish for a bit of interest and excitement. The pond is particularly suitable for the young and novice anglers, some perhaps not quite so young. We use the pond as a venue for coaching beginners and improvers especially in the summer months.

Airey's Pond

This is the newest water at Brighouse Angling Association and is a mixed species water with a good stock of silvers and Carp.


New Section

This section has recently been cleared by a club member in his own time and offers canal fishing with no passing traffic of cyclists or walkers.  It can be accessed at the far corner of Rileys Pond nearest the ski lake.  This has space for approximately 20 anglers.

Calder and Hebble

Browns - Cliff Face - Deep Water - Flour Mill - Gas works - Kossetts

Lockwoods Upper - Lockwoods Lower - Market Place Match Length - Pop Shop

Rawson's Pool - Red Beck - Salterhebble - Willows Upper - Willows Lower

The canal water offers approximately 3½ mile of typical canal fishing and is part of the canal rivers trust Calder and Hebble waterway. The sections are identified by local names generally descriptive of their location. Access is relatively easy to most lengths with parking at or close to access points. Towpaths are all tarmac and can be very busy at times. Some long walks/pushes may be necessary to reach all parts of the fishery.

Cooper Bridge Cut

Elland and Lowfields - Ganney Lock - Industrial Lower - Industrial Upper

John Cottons - Railway Wall - Sewerage Length

This is a section of the Calder and Hebble navigation that flows under the A62 at cooper bridge. Please note it is jointly held with Bradford No1 AA. Pegs are not marked and members need to be aware of boat moorings and some steep banks downstream of the A62 road bridge. Fishing is for roach, perch and chub with good pike in the winter too. Access to a new car park in the bounds of the sewage works upstream is by means of a movable but locked post - Key available on deposit from Calder Anglers and must be returned after fishing. The car park is shared with Bradford no 1 AA and Mirfield Angling Club.


The River Calder

The Calder waters stretch from Elland, through Brighouse and towards Mirfield and amount to some 6½m. Though some sections are exclusively Brighouse A.A., other sections are shared with Bradford No1. Our river waters are for senior members only. Parking and access is limited. No day tickets are available for our river waters. Fish are in abundance -trout and grayling abound the higher reaches at Elland whereas in the lower reaches around Cooper Bridge, Mirfield, coarse fish dominate.

Aire & Calder Navigation

The Association is a member of the Boothferry Aire & Calder Joint Canal Committee which now allows members to fish some ten miles of the Aire & Calder Canal from 'Great Heck to Goole'.


North bank from the end of the fence at the Dog and Duck basin back towards Rawcliffe Bridge. No fishing near/under power lines or next to railway bridge. South bank; Limited access via Dutch Riverside road. Fishing from cement works back towards Rawcliffe Bridge. No vehicles beyond the gate.

Rawcliffe Bridge

No fishing near/under power lines or next to railway bridge. South bank; Limited access via Dutch Riverside road. Fishing from cement works back towards Rawcliffe Bridge. North bank: No access and no fishing downstream of Rawcliffe Bridge, Road Bridge.

South Bank Downstream

Access via the flood bank gate or under the road bridge, fishing back towards Goole avoiding moored boats. North bank upstream of Rawcliffe Bridge. Fishing from the road bridge to the M18 Motorway bridge, Access is the small lane in Rawcliffe Bridge next to the Rawcliffe Bridge Hotel. Parking is after the two ponds.

South Bank Upstream

Limited access due to grazing sheep and electrified fence. Parking is opposite the public house. No fishing under or near to the power lines!

New Bridge

South bank fishing both sides of bridge, limited access. North bank downstream; Park on concrete parking area, fishing down to M18 road bridge. North bank upstream; Parking on bank, fishing up to Beevers Bridge. No fishing under or near the powerlines.

Beevers Bridge

North bank, downstream. Fishing back to New Bridge. Parking is upstream of road bridge on canal bank. No fishing under or near the power lines. North bank upstream. Fishing up to Southfield reservoirs, last peg just before breach. Parking is on canal bank. South bank, no fishing downstream of bridge. South bank, upstream, limited parking, fishing up to New Junction canal.

Crowcroft Bridge

South bank upstream. Access under the road bridge, fishing up to the lock. Parking is on roadside which runs parallel to canal downstream of road bridge. North bank upstream. Limited access via car park, about six pegs. No fishing in boat moorings. South bank downstream, fishing down to New Junction Canal. Parking is on roadside which runs parallel to canal downstream of road bridge. No fishing under or near powerlines. North bank downstream, back to South-field reservoirs, no fishing. 

Pollington Road Bridge

North bank upstream, limited access and parking fishing towards Heck. North Bank downstream, no fishing.South Bank upstream, no fishing. South Bank downstream, no fishing.

Great Heck

North bank, access via lane next to railway, parking area on bank between bungalow and rail bridge, fishing both ways from the car park area, down towards Pollington road bridge and up towards Great Heck road bridge. No cars under the rail bridge and no fishing under or near the power lines. South bank limited access. No cars on the bank.